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Enhancing our rich national architecture

Caudan Development Ltd
The principal activity of the company is the promotion of a mixed commercial project on the waterfront of Port Louis. Apart from the waterfront project, the company is also responsible for the administration of properties at Pailles, Riche Terre and Albion Dock.
Mauritius Estate Development Corporation Ltd  
Most commonly known as MEDCOR, the company specialises in the rental of commercial and office space available in the Paille-En-Queue court and the Air Mauritius Building).
Splendid Property Holdings Ltd
Splendid Housing Ltd (SPL) has been set up to develop a housing project on a plot of land in Albion. The project comprises the construction of 200 housing units- 40 Terraced Houses, 100 detached & semi-detached houses and 60 apartments. The project is being implemented in 4 phases. The phase I consists of the construction of 52 houses for sale. These houses would have common facilities which include a swimming pool, clubhouse, and a walled compound with security gates.
State Property Development Co Ltd
State Property Development Co Ltd (SPDC) is engaged in the letting of properties, as well as leasing immovable properties, constructing , maintaining and renting out building complexes. It is the developer and operator of the Port Louis waterfront and Mahebourg Waterfront.The company was created by Government in order to facilitate the development and management of the two Waterfronts and other sites of public sector interest. The company is currently managing 36 commercial units at PLW.
National Housing Development Co Ltd
The National Housing Development Corporation (NHDC) was set up in 1989 to provide social housing to low-income earners. To this effect it builds commercial complexes, residential flats and core houses. It conceives, plans, designs and manages the implementation of low cost housing projects (inclusive of amenities) under the laid-down policies of government.
Mauritius Housing Company Ltd