Disinvestment forms part of the strategic objectives of The State Investment Corporation Ltd.

SIC has been providing various financial support including providing seed capital to get the new businesses/high growth entrepreneurial ventures off the ground. In certain circumstances, once these businesses have gathered momentum and after reaping attractive investment returns, SIC exits from such investment and the proceeds are used to invest in other new investment opportunities.

Below is a list of past disinvestments of the Corporation:

Ajanta Pharma (Mtius) Ltd
Ajanta Pharma (Mtius) Ltd manufactures pharmaceutical products for export. It is also involved in the direct import and export of pharmaceutical products.
Bulk Bitumen Co Ltd
Bulk Bitumen Company Limited is engaged in the purchase and storage of bitumen in bulk for sale on the local market.
Casino Ltd  
Casino Ltd is an investment company, investing mainly in the leisure/tourism sector. The management of the company has been entrusted to Rogers & Co Ltd.
Commonwealth Africa Investments Ltd  
The Commonwealth Africa Investments Ltd is the first stage of the Commonwealth Private Investment Initiative and is constituted of Private equity. The fund aims to support the development of Commonwealth African economies by investing in private sector businesses.
First Republic Fund Ltd  
First Republic Fund Ltd invests in all forms of securities and other instruments in both quoted and unquoted companies in the Mauritius stocks for long term capital appreciations. It is also intended to invest in securities listed in other Stock Exchanges of the world, as well as providing investment services.
Game Link  
The main activity of the company is the operation of the wide Area Progressive gaming system. It operates table gaming and slots machines in highly populated areas.
Mauritius Jute & Textile Industries Co Ltd  
Mauritius Jute & Textile Industries Co Ltd (MJTI) is involved in the manufacturing and selling of polypropylene woven bags and polyethylene films and bags. MJTI also owns and rents office space.
Mauritius Leasing Co Ltd  
Mauritius Leasing Co Ltd provides leasing facilities for all types of movable assets and equipment and all categories of motor vehicles. The company also holds a deposit taking licence as a ‘Non-Bank Financial Institution’.
Mauritius Printing Specialists Co Ltd  
Mauritius Printing Specialists Co Ltd (MPS) is a printing company and undertakes mainly the printing of educational text books for the Editions de l'Ocean Ltée (EOI). MPS also undertakes typesetting and other commercial printing works.
National Mutual Fund Ltd  
National Mutual Fund Ltd (NMF) acts as Fund Manager for two local open-ended funds namely, the NMF General Fund which invest in equities and fixed-income securities both locally and worldwide and, the NMF Property Trust which invest in commercial properties in both Mauritius and the U.K.
Plaisance Catering Ltd  
Plaisance Catering Ltd (PCL) caters meals for airlines flying from Mauritius. PCL also supplies the Air Mauritius VIP lounge and canteen at the SSR International Airport.
Pointe Coton Resort Hotel Co Ltd  
The main activity of the company consists of providing hotel accommodation together with all related services, such as Deep Diving Centre, Horse Riding and Boat House. It also comprises a Night Club and Boutique.
Rodrigues Boatyard Ltd  
Rodrigues Boat Yard Ltd is based in Rodrigues Island and undertakes the building, repair and maintenance of all kinds of boats. It also specializes in the construction, repairs and maintenance of water tanks and other fibreglass products.
South Asia Regional Fund  
The South Asia Regional Fund is a private equity fund focused on the South Asian region under the Commonwealth Private Investment Initiative, which was launched by Commonwealth Finance ministers in 1995. It is empowered to invest in or for the benefit of the countries forming the South Asian association for regional corporation.
The MFL Ltd  
The MFL Fund is an open-ended fund which aims to achieve long-term capital appreciation through investment in a diversified portfolio of shares and debt securities.