Our Strategy

The SIC holds a wide portfolio that consists of more than 100 companies. We invest in rapidly growing companies that focus on expanding and new markets. We are present in all sectors of the economy. The SIC has developed a thoroughly researched investment strategy that considers company and sector fundamentals to build a portfolio that can safely achieve targeted rates of return. We invest across a spectrum of stages and life cycles of projects, from initial to maturity phase. We favour business with proven management practices.

Our Mission

To be a key contributor to the economic growth of Mauritius for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Our Vision

To be a Prominent Investment Institution in Mauritius.

Our Strategic Goals
1. Enhance the Return on the Corporation's Investment.
2. Invest in Key and Strategic Sectors.
3. Develop Entrepreneurial Management.
4. Commit to build up its subsidiaries into market leaders.
5. Develop and expand Good Corporate Governance.